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Aug 30 2017

It Comes at Night

Events of the film "it comes in the night" begin their development at a time when the planet turns out to be covered by an unknown epidemic. The virus spreads with such force that the people living on Earth, realize that this is the real end of the world. The most vulnerable citizens living in large cities. For this reason, most clever attempt to leave those places where a lot of people. Someone tries to go to a small town, someone in the village, and someone runs into the wild, where the virus has no power.

Paul tries to do everything in its power to protect his family. He wants to save his wife and son, but does not know how to do it. Soon Paul understands that you need to run deep into the forest, where there are no people. Finding the House alone, they justified it. Paul suggests order and the situation is relatively stable. It seems that they could find peace and quiet. But at some point on the threshold of their house guests appear, threatening to destroy all that they have built for so long. The floor has to take drastic measures.

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