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Sep 12 2017

47 Meters Down

Fear is the most ancient creatures. At a depth of instincts fear helps to survive, fleeing from persecution, starting a chain reaction of self-preservation. And at the same time, the fear is able to bring death if the victim feels his unaccountable dread. Spreading itself around the vibes horror victim is doomed. However, the passions, the Flash of fear and adrenalin palpable pleasure tickles nerves once one has passed the test and in security.

Sisters Kate and Lisa love the thrill and provide them everywhere. In an effort to relive the excitement, adrenalin they descend to a depth of in a special cage to watch in Wednesday for sharks, ferocious predators. Suddenly the rope breaks, and sisters fall into the company of creepy critters-bloodthirsty white sharks at a depth of 47 m with an hour oxygen supply. To get back to the shore, to overcome the distance about two kilometers. Now that's a party!

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