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Sep 29 2017

Wind River

Events crime thriller "Windy River begin to develop at a time when Corey Lambert, an aged man, badly in her daughter's death, trying to find a secluded spot. He soon finds himself such a job where nobody can disturb, because he would disappear for days away from civilization, noise of big cities and annoying crowds. Cory becomes an employee of the Department of hunting and fishing. Its main task is to maintain the population of predators, but to do so, to the extent necessary.

Once, in the territory, which was most recently the Indian reservation, Corey discovers the body of a dead girl. Soon it turns out that she had been raped, and then killed. This tragic incident gets such resonance that soon, at the threshold of his house turns out to be a special agent of the FBI. Young girl knows almost nothing about local natural conditions, customs and therefore asks Cory to help find those responsible for this brutal murder.

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