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Oct 3 2017

The Emoji Movie

Appearing once, Emoji, representing the modern language of emoticons and ideograms, became an integral part of electronic interaction between people. Of the two dimensional space they moved into a three dimensional plane, and from the small and limited in the end a lot of variety in its emotional filling smiles.

This graphical language is a combination of defined sequential images, capable of replacing the more capacious mental registration. Can you imagine what they actually live their lives in a unique electronic world?

The authors of the cartoon "Smilies" offers its viewers to become acquainted with many live Emoji. The smileys live a life similar to ours, because each of them have their own rights and duties that must be performed. They were working and having a family. Each of them has its own unique character and everyone feels emotions. The only difference is that each of the main characters has a specific set of emotions and should be in every situation.

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