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Oct 9 2017

Bon Cop Bad Cop 2

Eight years ago, two police officers with different working methods, despite the unique styles of doing business and problems in communication, could reveal the high-profile case and stop the dangerous offender. David Buchard and Martin Ward managed to stay good friends, but lately they have almost ceased to communicate and even began to forget that glorious time when they worked together. Heroes have adopted each other's best qualities, but Martin stayed in the same cautious following the letter of the law and the police, and David still makes first and then thinks, and often falls into trouble.

Unknown attackers can easily steal expensive cars, leaving police out in the cold. This series of crimes is old pals the great opportunity to work together again. Many years later, Buchard and ward are beginning to work together, and therefore ahead of them waiting for the exciting chases, gunfights and grandiose showdown with dangerous guys. Heroes are an excellent team and this lethal force that can sweep away anyone who will be on their way. Conducting an investigation, they leave a trail of destruction, but that doesn't stop them, and they will go on to reveal another resounding joint case.

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