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Dec 8 2017


Geoff Bauman for twenty years, the guy looks confidently to the future, hoping to realize their plans. Very soon he would make the beloved proposal. They will create strong family, children are; to build a career. On this day, they gathered at the Boston Marathon, to take part in large-scale race, where professional athletes compete against ordinary citizens. Bleachers filled with spectators, among them visitors and tourists, citizens gathered here to support the participants of the marathon.

For the participants themselves is not victory, but fun. That they could come and take part in the great race. Jeff with pleasure is a favorite girl, standing at the finish line and waiting for her appearance. Wait for her return, he failed a powerful explosion demolished it with legs. He was not aware of further developments, since around chaos, screams, destruction, moaning people severely injured, sirens of rescue services. You can watch online

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