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Jul 18 2019


The film "Family" deals on the periphery with an anti-bulling theme, but more directly with the themes of helping the "other" and seeing family as the community around us. It is based on a day when I saw my younger brother being beaten up across the field that lay between our school and our house. I was maybe 11 and he 7. In spite of not being an imposing 11 year old, I still went after the bigger of the two kids beating my brother up and that pretty much ended it. "Family" is that story set in 2018 with the brothers in their early twenties. The visual twist of the story is that we don't know they are brothers at the start of the story. We find that out after the skirmish has ended. What is unique about my younger brother and myself is that if you look at us you would not think we are brothers, but if you see us interact there is no doubt we are family. So what appears to be a random act of helping is really a familial one. This is important in getting at the idea that humanity is our...

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