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Jan 10 2018


The film "Renegades" unfolds in 1995 during the Yugoslav wars. NATO's leadership, watching what is happening, it sends several groups of peacekeeping troops with a view to settling the dispute. In the center of the plot turns out to be one of those groups. The team consists solely of the best soldiers, having vast experience in conducting similar activities. They soon find themselves in Sarajevo.

The main characters are getting another job, which is to discreetly gather information and deliver it to senior management. However, the situation is getting out of control the military and as a result, they pretend to be. The event is publicized and the heroes find themselves in the Office of his superior. General decides to suspend their activities. Trying to entertain themselves during a break, the military received information that may be nearby gold bullion lost during World War II. After gathering information and conducting rough calculations, it appears that the gold price could reach more than 300 million dollars.

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