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Apr 15 2018


At the very beginning of watching the dramatic film "Submergence", we meet James Moreau, a British scout who risks his life every day. He meets in his way a beautiful Daniel. When I first saw her in a luxury hotel on the shores of the French Atlantic, he realized that he had fallen in love.

Together the heroes had a wonderful evening. Suddenly, the passion grew into deep love, but their relationship was in doubt. And it's not just James ' work. Daniel is engaged in research and ahead of her waiting for a long scientific voyage through the depths of the ocean. She is going to get into a modern and high-tech bathyscaphe in order to make a discovery that can make her name in the history of science. And while she's doing research, James will go on another dangerous mission. Both will be in captivity of their position. James gets to the Somali pirates, and his lover will look into the eyes of death under the thickness of water.

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