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Jul 19 2017

Going in Style

Having begun viewing of the movie "Going in Style", the viewer meets Joe, Willie and Al, elderly men, at each of which huge baggage of life experience. All of them lived life of which others can only dream. Once they were young, and their existence was filled with adventures, improbable travel, new acquaintances, bright events and other pleasures of life. But now, when years prevailed, the Trinity is compelled to remember in the eyes with pleasure those warm pleasant days, spending the most part of the time in local park.

Everything changes when in the next routine and monotonous day old friends suddenly come to a conclusion that their best years not behind. They are sure that to them it is so much years as far as they feel. And they feel perfectly. They aren't going to grow old and therefore want to remember former passion again. But instead of innocent entertainments they decide to be engaged in a robbery of bank. After all quite so the main characters can receive an adrenaline share which will force them to feel live and young.

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