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Second Chance
IMDb 6.2 2014
Sep 28 2018
  • IMDb:
  • 6.2
  • Year:
  • 2014
  • Genre:
  • Comedy, Drama
  • Actors:
  • Shang-Yi Wen, Peijia Huang, Shih-Sian Wang, Jasper Liu, Phoebe Huang, Peng Sun, Angel Yao, Shao-Huai Chang, J.C. Lei, Yako Chan, Allison Fisher
A normal summer morning in "Outstanding Pool House," Shine is getting ready for school. Shine is a beautiful and chic girl, but there is a bit of melancholy in her face. Six months ago, her parents died in a terrible car accident and left her nothing beside this pool house. Now,...